Join me on Teslaradar

What is Teslaradar?

Teslaradar is an Android app where you can compete with others counting Model 3/Ys in Bluetooth range of your phone.

Since Norway has got a massive wave of new Model Ys and 3s this quarter I've been ranked #1 in Teslaradar world wide since September 9th. 

While I'm Teslaradar Queen I let everyone get 20% off on my Teslatrays with the code "TESLARADAR". This will not last forever and I think the 'defeated king' ThomasHolsboer will pass me again sometime in October.

You can use my referral when you enter the competition. Then we both get 100 Radarpoints. Read more at
s. The background image on Teslaradar is the sea of Model Ys waiting to be delivered in Norway in Q3 and is taken by me.