How to choose?

Many of you ask me how to choose between the tray-variants.
I've set up a recommendation and some pictures comparing black/white, black/cream and the Premium red.

  • The all-black trays work with all interiors. 
  • The white tray only works with white interior, same with the cream tray.
  • The Premium trays can match the interior, roof color or outside of the car :)

- or just choose red inside if you want that WOW when opening it.

But in the end, it's your taste that matters.

* Tan is the old beige real leather interior. Cream is the new PU "vegan" leather that replaced Tan in 2017.
The Cream tray doesn't match Tan interior.

White interior with black or white trayCream interior with black or cream trayPremium red for that WOW when opening it