The ORIGINAL Teslatray invented by me in April 2015
* Stays in place during launch.
* Both LHD and RHD versions.
* Handmade in Norway.
* Customers from 29 different countries.
* Over 1400 handmade trays made.
* FREE shipping

Why buy one?
Are items sliding off from the open shelf in your Model S or X all the time? I was sick of things falling out of the open shelf every time our Tesla accelerated. I just had to fix this, and the Teslatray was the result. Perfect for sunglasses, keys and other small items.

The tray fits both the Model S and X, and will stick in place even in Ludicrous mode.

Handmade by me only
The trays are handmade by me and manufactured when it's your time in the queue. I have limited time making them due to commitments both to work and my family. 

Unlimited - but still no trays in stock.
I let the customers order what they want and this varies very much. It would be wrong to set a specific amount of each variant available. 

FREE standard shipping 
Standard is ordinary A-priority letter mail. This shipping method is quite quick within Europe, normally 3-5 business days. The package can get extra time at the customs office. No tracking on this shipping.
Shipping to United States varies a lot depending on which state it is. As far as I know, the package goes by ground mail from NY. Shipping to CA takes about 10-15 business days.

NEW Semi-fast shipping with tracking
Customers in Europe and North America can choose this shipping variant. A bit faster than std. shipping and it has tracking.

DHL shipping - fast but quite expensive
Fastest shipping is by DHL, but their shipping rates are quite high.

YouTube review by Bjørn Nyland aka TeslaBjørn from 2021 


YouTube review by Bjørn Nyland from 2016